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Kavaratti Girls Photo

Far from the madding crowd, the atmosphere and beautiful island Kavaratti fills the tourists with a deep sense of eternal happiness and rejuvenates the extra strength and energy. For those who want fun mixed with adventure, Kavaratti island provides a variety of adventure sports like water skiing, diving, swimming, kayaking and sailing.

Kavaratti Beautiful Girls Photo

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Kavaratti Beautiful Girls Photo

The lagoon at Kavaratti island is ideal for water sports, swimming and there are sandy beaches for sunbathing. Tourists can enjoy the marine life exhibit at the Marine Aquarium, and an extensive collection of specimens in the museum.

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Kavaratti Beautiful Girls Photo

Kavaratti is the capital island of Lakshadweep. Kavaratti Island has a beautiful beach where you can enjoy relaxing and sunbathing. 52 mosques across the island with the most beautiful mosque Ujra.

View the underwater world without getting wet strange, glass-bottom boats. You can also enjoy sailing in glass-bottom boat, kayaking, sailing and windsurfing. Colorful marine life in the lagoons can be viewed through glass bottom boats. Kayaks, windsurfers and sailboats are available for rent.

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